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Wtf. Really. We deserve cancer because we don’t like a girl who thinks she so much better than her ex’s that she can go an write songs and slander their name to the whole world? We deserve cancer for wanting the best for our boys, who, we love, so, so, so fucking much. I LOVE THAT BOY SO FUCKINH MUCH AND I DON’T WANT HIM WITH A GIRL WHO THINKS SHE CAN WRITE WHATEVER THE HELL SHE WANTS ABOUT HIM EVERYTINE HE PISSES HER OFF. Tell chemo patents who are on their last breath of life someone deserves what they’re going through, tel my dead grandmother that I and my friends deserve what she went through, swifties, go fuck yourselves, look at what you just said, and then tell us again, us all, the directioner family that, we, deserve cancer.
ɱıқɑץƖɑ (at S👐erve)

So we watched a movie today in class called “Bully” and it really hit home cause I know how those kids feel who aren’t with the ‘in crowd’ and it breaks my heart to know that people can’t be themselves or go to school without fearing being judged. People are fucked up, and just remember that if they put you down, that means your above them, they want a reaction. And always remember, your perf. #nobullying #dontbully ~Mikayla (at your perf)

Nothing explains how much I want Harold Edward styles to be mine. I want his green eyes to look at me when I hug him and I want his oversized hand to suffocate mine when were walking down the street to go to Starbucks , | M i k a y l a |

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